Embed Pages and Sections on External Websites

This feature is available only in Pro Plans.

This feature helps users to embed content from Flezr websites to any external websites like Wix, SquareSpace, Webflow, Wordpress etc.

You can use Embed feature only for sections on Static Pages. So, make sure your page is a Static page and then copy the Embed code.

For Dynamic Pages, the Embed option will not be displayed.

This feature provides embed code that you can simply use to embed the pages/section on any external sites.

Follow below instructions to get Embed codes.

Embed Code for any Section:

  1. Click on any section on any page and go to the settings option.

  1. Look for 'Embed Code' option and click on Copy button to copy the code.

  1. Use the copied code to embed the respective section on any external sites.

Embed Code for any Page:

  1. With Flezr, you can also embed an entire page onto an external site.

  1. Click on Advanced Tab, look for Embed Code and click on 'Copy' to copy the embed code.

  1. Use the copied code to embed the respective page on any external sites. The embed code copies the entire page to external websites.

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