Creating the Template for a Dynamic Page

  1. Important: Before starting, make sure that you have already connected the data source.

  2. From Inside Flezr Studio, select the 'Pages Panel' from the main navigation bar on the left:

  3. Select 'Add a Page' as shown below:

  1. In Page Type, toggle the switch to 'Dynamic Page' as shown in the purple rectangle below. The panel will then display the settings for dynamic page.

  1. Give a name of your choice in the Page Name field.

  2. Add a slug - short name that will be added to your website address for accessing this page. As this slug is used for a dynamically generated page, so prefix the name with '/:' (for example, /:id) as shown above.

  3. Select Google Spreadsheet or Supabase DB in the 'Connection Type' field.

  4. Select the name of your connected data source in the 'Connections' field. Press 'Fetch Sheet' button.

  5. The 'Sheet Name ' field above will now display all the sheets inside the Google Sheet you selected in the previous step. Select the specific sheet you want this dynamic page to use for displaying data.

  6. In the 'Params Map' field, select the specific column you want to use for generating dynamic pages. This should be a column having unique values for each row such as an id.

  7. Press 'Add Page' button

  8. Finally, press 'Save' in the top menu in Studio to save the changes.

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