Concept of Dynamic Pages and Variables In Flezr

Flezr empowers you to build powerful dynamic pages in an intuitive manner. There are two related concepts to understand:

  1. Template for a Dynamic Page: You can create a template for a dynamic page, such as a page having the details of a property. Pages will then be generated on-the-fly based on this template. Creating the Template for a Dynamic Page explains this with an example.

  2. Use of Variables: In Flezr, a variable is a symbolic name for a piece of information that you want to display on your dynamic page. It serves as a placeholder within the page template, and its value is pulled from a specified column in your connected Google Sheet. As an example, if you have a column named 'price' in your Google Sheets, you can create a variable on your dynamic page named {{product price}}. You can use this variable anywhere in your page - in a header, within an image caption, in a text box, etc and once mapped to a specific column in your Google Sheet, it will automatically pull data. We'll see how Adding Variables to Page Elements is simple yet powerful.

To understand this better, we'll create a dynamic page for our property tracker listing page. This property tracker project is present as a built-in template in Flezr.

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