Starting a project from a Built-in Template

  1. From inside the Flezr Dashboad, press the 'Create from Template' button.

  2. Select your template and press 'Select' button. A confirmation dialog will be displayed. Press 'Ok' to complete the creation of your new project from this template. It will now appear as a project in your dashboard.

  1. From inside the Studio, press the 'Connection Settings' icon on the left panel.

  1. Press the icon shown in red rectangle to open the Google Sheets of this template in a new tab. Copy this Google Sheet to your own drive.

  1. Now open this new Google sheet and copy your Goggle Sheet ID:

    From inside Google Sheets: 'Share' -> 'Anyone with the Link' -> 'Copy Link'.

  2. Press the 'Edit' icon in the Connections tabs as shown above. Paste this Google Sheet ID in the 'Sheet ID' field and press 'Save Connection':

Press the 'Save' button in the top main menu in the Studio to save your changes.

Now, you can edit this Google Sheet and any changes you make will appear in your project after pressing the ''Data Sync' button in the top menu in the main Studio.

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