Adding Tags and Filters

To add tags and filters to your cards, click the dynamic card section in the main canvas. This will display the card settings panel on the right side of the screen.

  1. Select 'Filter & Search settings' to bring the filter panel:

  1. Set the toggle switch for the Filter Panel to 'Show'

  2. Set the position of the filter display to 'Top'/'Left'/'Right'.

  3. Add the category for applying filter by selecting 'Add a Category'. Give a custom label to this new category.

5. Select the column name that you want to use for filter values.

  1. Finally type in the filter values that you want to apply in the text box. Each filter value should be separated by a comma.

You can also choose Single select or Multi-select for the filters. Toggle the switch 'Select' to Single or Multi based on the choice. The default is single select.

Press the 'Save' button in the top main menu to save your changes.

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