Customising the Sections and Page Elements

Flezr lets you customise, at a granular level, each section as well as the various elements in each section such as buttons, text, links etc.

Select the section or the individual element that you want to customize. The 'Settings' panel will then display the relevant settings. For example, clicking on the 'Header' section will update the Settings Panel as shown below:

Each element inside a section can be further customized by pressing the green-colored settings icons.

For example, pressing the green-colored settings icon (shown in the the yellow circle above), will display the settings for changing header background image, colours, margin, padding etc. as shown below:

Similarly, pressing the green settings icon, shown in the purple circle above, will bring the style panel for this heading item. You can make the element responsive, add margin, padding, change font, change colours etc.

Press the 'Save' button in the top main menu in the Studio to save your changes.

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